hello third year!

Is it really the third year already? Sorry for kind of skipping right over the second one! My mind is spinning thinking about it — my husband is a D3.

Last week, Rory very deservingly received his white coat. The coat symbolizes that the class of 2019 has completed their first two years of dental school, completed grueling classes and exams, completed the boards (round 1), and is now found worthy to perform dental care in the school clinic for the next two years, and my amazing husband is among those hard-working white coat recipients.

It was so surreal to see my husband walk across that stage to slip his arms into his pristine doctors’ coat. He has come so far, and done so much hard work to get to that point.

He spent days and nights studying for dental school exams, and hours and hours perfecting his skills in the SIM lab. On top of that, and unique to many dental students, he came home to a wife and children. And on top of that even, Rory is the Young Mens President in our ward. It’s a very busy calling that requires a lot of organization, planning and extra hours at church.

Now that the first two years are past us, Rory’s schedule is becoming much less unpredictable. Before, I never knew what time he’d be home. Sometimes he’d be home in the afternoon and go upstairs and study. Sometimes he’d be home at dinner time and do more studying in the evening, after dinner time, long after dinner time. It was a surprise every day! Eventually it just becomes your new normal.

Now Rory will typically be home at dinnertime, and not have to devote nearly as much time to studying. HOORAY. It is such a relief.



Rory’s parents and younger brother flew all the way from Idaho to be a part of his white coat ceremony!

So here we are, halfway through with this adventure. We have been so blessed by it. Heavenly Father has provided so much for us. I have felt so grateful watching my husband achieving his lifelong dream of becoming a dentist. I know this is what he was meant to be doing, and he is so amazing at it! I can officially go to him to get my dental work done, which will be sometime in the next month or two. Oh boy!