Melissa at 2.5

Melissa is officially 2 ½. (For exactly one month now) She is at a fun age because she’s getting so good at talking, and she is picking up lots of interests. I can finally have conversations with her! This means less screaming (notice I didn’t say “no screaming”) and more voicing her problems. Happy days, my friends. Happy days. Her sentences average about 2-8 words long.

Although she can repeat pretty much any word she hears now (watch your language!), she’s never said her name. I think she could, but she prefers her made-up name more. She calls herself “Mamasissa”. Months ago I told her to say Mamasissa hoping that would help her say her name, but I unintentionally created a confusing nickname that has really stuck. I’ll say, “Melissa, say ‘Melissa’.” And she’ll get upset and say, “Nooo! Mamasissa!” And she talks about herself in third person.

“Mamasissa did that.”

“Mamasissa taking a bath (baff).”

“Mamasissa’s swimming like a mermaid.”

Sometimes I’ve gotten her to say “Mesissa” though. We’re getting close.

And she also hasn’t figured out the different between “myself” and “yourself” so she frequently says, “I hurt yourself” and “I see yourself”, meaning herself.

Otherwise, she is becoming a very good talker. She is really shy around other people though, and rarely says anything to strangers. She’s funny how she wants to “play with the babies” so much, but when she finally does get to play with other kids, she gets really nervous and keeps to herself. Sometimes she even gets quite anxious and scared. I asked her pediatrician if I needed to be concerned because she seems a lot more anti-social than most kids, but she said it’s nothing to be concerned about at this age.

Melissa is a princess fanatic. She loves Rapunzel, Frozen and most recently Sleeping “Booty”. She loves wearing her princess dresses, shoes and crowns around the house. She gets excited when Rapunzel’s hair is cut short and turns brown at the end of the movie because she says Rapunzel looks like her now.

She also loves to watch a Disneyland singalong video on Youtube. You 80s and 90s kids might recognize it. This was the video of my childhood, and I put it on for Melissa to watch once out of desperation for some peace and quiet, and to my surprise she loved it and asks to watch it alllllll the time.

She has also recently discovered Mary Poppins. She’s got a crush on Dick Van Dyke, I’m pretty certain. She’s entranced by the whole sequence when they’re in the chalk drawing, and she adores the penguin dance. She must like the hat Mary Poppins wears because if Melissa finds a hat, she’ll put it on and say she looks like Mary Poppins.

Her favorite things to do are swimming, running outside and doing art. When she wears her life vest and water wings, she can swim on her own. She also does pretty good with just the water wings. She’s a big fan of play dough, dress-up, coloring with markers and painting. She also has a passion for helping me cook in the kitchen, and wash the dishes. Every time I start cooking, she’s pushing a chair up to the counter so she can help me.  She says, “It’s helping mama!” Every day when I ask her what she wants to do, she usually answers with, “Make a cake!”

I must say, she shows promise to be a junior Masterchef! She already recognizes spices, and knows what they taste like. She also knows pretty much all her fruits and vegetables by name. Her favorites are bell peppers, anything citrusy, avocados and broccoli. She’s really good at stirring things too. For a 2-year-old, she’s not very messy in the kitchen. She’s actually pretty organized in general, like Rory. Not me. I wish.

I think someone once slipped her some Love Potion #9 because this kid kisses everything in sight. She gives kisses to the vacuum, car (and sometimes other people’s cars), Lila, trees, books, you name it. She can be a stinker, but she sure is a sweetheart. She instantly loves everything she learns about and points it out as much as she can.

Her favorite books are Goldilocks, Peter Rabbit and Llama Llama Red Pajama. Her favorite songs are Old MacDonald, Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree, Once There Was a Snowman and I Am a Child of God. And of course, Disney songs. These songs are our bedtime rituals.

She is so sweet to her little sister now. As I mentioned earlier, she loves giving Lila kisses, and hugs. She does it at least three times a day. Now that Lila can crawl and stand, Melissa has been much more interested in including her in her playtime. She gets SO excited when Lila walks with a push toy, or when she tries walking along the furniture. She cheers her on. She also gives her toys to play with a lot.

She also requests that Lila takes a bath with her every night, much to Lila’s dismay. Lila’s not a bath fan. She used to have sharing issues, but lately Melissa has been so sweet with Lila. She lets me know if Lila is doing something she shouldn’t, like play with the toilet.

Speaking of toilet. She’s pretty much potty trained. We started training at the beginning of May. She has one or two accidents a day, but sometimes none! Sometimes when she goes, she says, “Go pee-pee! Like Mary Poppins!” Hey, whatever works, right? She also likes to show Lila when she goes. Getting her to do #2 in the potty has been a struggle. She’s gone only five times since we started training, even though the incentive for going is ice cream. She’s been doing great in just the past week. We still use pull-ups for long outings and sleeping time.

And more fun tidbits about her I missed.

-She doesn’t like to wear her own clothes, except for a few special articles. She likes either squeezing into Lila’s clothes or dragging my dresses around. But she does like her princess dress-up dresses.

-When she gets upset or starts throwing a tantrum, she exclaims, “I need a car ride!” This is because she’s guaranteed to fall asleep in the car. I used to take her for car rides when she started getting grumpy in hopes of getting her to take a nap. Bad habit, yes, but it works. She knows it too. When she watches a show and someone is upset, she says they need a car ride.

-She knows her ABCs and she can count up to 20, but she usually stops at 4 and 13.

-Her favorite color is orange.

-Her favorite food is lasagna. She also likes weird things like tomatoes, onions and limes. And she hates mashed potatoes.

-She has a keen sense of direction. After only driving to certain locations two or three times, she knows exactly where she is and what she did there. She knows where the playgrounds are, and she gets really mad when we drive past them. She has an aunt, Aunt Lisa, who also has a great sense of direction.

-She has a list of phrases that make me laugh, and if she says one, she says the entire list.

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