five simple ways I save money

I admit right now that I’m not a good budgeter. I’m not a fan of writing down where all my expenses go and calculating how much I can spend on this and that each month. However, I do know how to save money. I only buy clothes that are on sale, I buy house brand foods at the cheapest grocery stores, I only buy baby toys (and most baby clothes) from Once Upon a Child, I eat out very rarely, I don’t buy expensive cosmetics, etc etc.

But since I’m not a good budgeter, I’ve had to look for other ways to save a little money. I’ve found five simple ways to just that. Mind you, it really is saving just a little bit of money, but every little bit helps, right?

  1. It gives you money back for groceries. You do your shopping, and when you get home, you select the items you bought off a list, scan the barcodes and receipt, and you get some money back for the items! The said list won’t have everything you bought. The list usually includes milk, some produce, eggs, orange juice, granola bars and other random things you might buy on an average shopping trip. And you get somewhere between 20 cents to one dollar back per item (sometimes more, but usually only for booze). But it does add up over time. I’ve been using Ibotta for over a month, and I have earned $7 back.
  2. com. Similar to Ibotta, it’s rebates in case the name didn’t give it away. I did all of my Christmas shopping through ebates last year and I earned over $32 back. Anytime I order something online, I do it through ebates. It gets you somewhere around 2-5% back on what you spend on an order. Again, not a lot, but it does add up! The website is easy to use, and you get money back in the form of a check. It’s so easy, why not use it?
  3. Walmart savings catcher. Another app I recently discovered and love. After each shopping trip at Walmart, upload your receipt, and if another store advertises a better deal than what you paid at Walmart, you get the difference. So far, I have $1.69 returned from six shopping trips.
  4. com. Why did it take me so long to discover all of these? Especially this one. It’s simple: browse through the coupons and if you see one for something you need to buy, clip it and print it out. I saved $7 at my last Walmart trip because of coupons. Pssst moms: they have lots of diapers and wipes coupons!
  5. It’s come in handy for more times than I can count. Before you’re ready to check out at the store you’re shopping at (either online or in person), bring up your retailmenot app and check to see if the store is offering any deals you may be unaware of. Usually it’s a 10% off coupon, but sometimes more! I’ve found this app has saved me more with online shopping, but as a stay-at-home mom, that’s alright with me.

I completely recommend all of these money saving tips. They’re hassle-free, they don’t spam you, and they do their job: They save you money!