a little lemon twist

Charleston was cold yesterday. It was 81 degrees. I’m pretty sure that’s the coldest day in over a month. Cold. I sound ridiculous.

But on such a “cold” summer day threatening rain, I felt like it was a good day to bake up a pie. And if you remember my blueberry pie post, I’m still learning all there is to know about pie baking.

Which is why I went for lemon meringue. Gotta learn sometime! I’ve only made a meringue once, and I’d never made a curd before.

I have an app called Yummly on my phone and it’s awesome. Download it. You can browse through hundreds of recipes linked to people’s blogs. I found this lemon meringue recipe:


First, juice your lemons!


lemonpie2 - CopyMelissa is a fan of sour foods. I sliced her up a lemon to eat while I juiced.

lemonpie3 - CopyNext up you make your curd. I thought this would be really technical and time consuming, but it was actually really easy. It’s fast too! My only mistake was that I didn’t put my pie crust in early enough to bake, so my curd just had to hang out in the saucepan until I could pour it into the shell.

lemonpie5Something else I seem to have a hard time doing is zesting lemons. That sounds incredibly embarrassing. It should be easy right? I feel like while I grate the lemon peel, the zest should just fall away, right? Well, no. It just sticks to the tool and is impossible to get off without rinsing it away, which of course is useless. Very frustrating. So hardly any zest made into my curd today. Am I. . .zesting wrong?

lemonpie4But at least I had my mini chef to help me whisk πŸ™‚ Horrible quality picture though!

lemonpie6Creating the meringue comes next, which I thoroughly enjoyed. You heard it here: making meringue is fun.

lemonpie7Because how cool is that result?

lemonpie8A tricky part was spreading the meringue onto the gooey curd. Have you ever done it? I felt like a little kid making a mud pie.


But I got it together πŸ™‚ The recipe said I could have used two more egg whites to make more meringue, but honestly I get slightly annoyed when there’s a ton of meringue on these things. The lemon curd is the good part!

Before I read the directions for this pie, I thought I needed a blow torch to get the meringue to have that “toasted” look. Aha, not so! The oven did that for me πŸ™‚

lemonpie10Chill your pie for at least a couple hours before serving.

I’m really happy with how this pie came out. Everything did what it was supposed to. It wasn’t as lemony and punchy as I hoped for (my lack of lemon zest is probably to blame for that), but it was still good!

And bonus: When Rory came home, he said the house smelled amazing. So you will also have a really fragrant home on top of a homemade summer treat πŸ™‚

Have a great weekend!



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