home improvement dreaming

I was never much of a “Pinterest person” until I became a home renter. Now I’m a huge fan! For me, being a home renter is a different ballgame from apartment living.

For one thing, apartment living seems more of a temporary thing, plus our last apartment didn’t allow us to paint the stark white walls which didn’t make it feel like home. I like painted walls!

Anyways, my mind is churning with ideas to make our new home feel like home. Rory had a few weeks to help with some of the bigger projects around the house before starting school. We started with painting our downstairs a lovely light shade of sea foam green.

living room before living room after
Excuse the clutter! I assure you it’s not there anymore!

And our other project was giving our dining room set a makeover. The table and chair set was sort of a wedding gift to us from Rory’s parents. Its roots date back to gathering a very young Rory and his brothers around family meals. They got a new one when Rory was a teenager, and it had just been sitting in storage until we got married. So it’s that dark 1980s wood that doesn’t make much of a statement besides “I’m almost an antique.”

So we used beach inspiration from our new city to update the look. We first spray painted the wood a sea foam green color (actually just Rory did this part), then we painted over it with white chalk paint. Then we sanded the edges to give them a rustic antique look. They’re still awaiting their finishing coat, so I’ll be posting pictures of those later. I can’t wait for them to be finished; they’re going to look great!

There are still a few things I’m wanting to do.

1. Get a white entertainment center. We’ve always used a coffee table as our entertainment center. It’s getting less practical as our little climber gets bigger.
I’m eyeballing pieces like this:
white entertainment center 1

But I’m also keeping my eye open for some cheaper relics and doing this:
white entertainment center 2

We’ll see!

2. A wall collage
I made a deal with Rory that I could decide what goes on the walls since I’ll be spending more time at home than he will. Is that wrong? Let me backtrack and say that Rory likes to be the brains behind home decorating. Different, I know. But if I’m being honest, Rory and I have different tastes as far as what goes on the wall.

But he is all for a wall collage. There is a perfect blank canvas for one in our entrance way.

stair wall

Here are a few ideas I’m crushing on:

wall collage 1

wall collage 2

wall collage 3

3. A vertical garden

I have a blank wall in my kitchen/dining area and I’ve been trying to decide how to fill it up. Then the vertical garden idea came to me. I’m still not completely sure how to do it, but I love both of these looks:

vertical garden

vertical garden 2

I love the possibilities with this idea. Fresh herbs? Ferns? Flowers? A mix?

So that’s what I’m cooking up as far as summer projects go. I’m excited to see how it will all turn out!


P.S. Rory started dental school today! It’s technically orientation day, but I’ll keep you updated on how it all goes!


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